Cell Phone Repair Warranty

SmartCell Solutions Repair Warranty Policy

SmartCell Solutions, Burnaby, offers one year warranty on all phone & tablet repairs.

  • Warranty is valid for 1 year, from the date the phone was picked up from the store.
  • Warranty only covers the labor and parts we installed and does not apply to the whole device or other parts of the phone. The repair done is on the receipt we issue.
  • The warranty can be claimed only if the receipt is presented. We do not keep a record. Please save your receipt.
  • The warranty is not valid in case of a physical damage done to the phone after we repaired it.
  • There is an internal or external damage to the part we installed. (drop, impact, liquid etc).
  • The cell phone or tablet has been opened or serviced by a person or company not authorized by SmartCell Solutions
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