phone battery replacement

iPhone Battery Replacement

Often in the process of using Apple iPhones, for one reason or another, after some time the battery goes bad.

What is dangerous is a swollen iPhone battery.
In this case, you need an urgent battery replacement.

Many airlines strictly prohibit the transport of batteries in parcels and in the cabin of the aircraft, since the battery can easily ignite or explode. Especially dangerous in this respect are swollen batteries. The battery is blown up due to an incorrect internal chemical reaction, which is accompanied by the fact that gas is released and pressure rises. The battery can grow up to 3-4 times. It should be noted that this process can occur both gradually or suddenly.

If the battery starts to swell inside the Apple iPhone, it can damage everything inside: the display, the motherboard, the case. Therefore, it`s best to replace the battery as soon as possible. The engineers of Smartcell Solutions service center will replace your iPhone battery in no time. In the iPhone, the first obvious sign of a battery swelling is the bulging of the display part. The battery presses against the screen and it lifts off the frame of the phone, causing the display to fail.

An expanded battery can be extremely unpredictable, many are asking if a bloated battery can be repaired?
No. The battery becomes extremely dangerous if the housing is damaged, in which case it can become very hot and ignite, which will lead to serious damage to the iPhone and even fire.

Is it possible to continue using the iPhone with an expanded battery?
The answer is at your own risk. It is strongly recommended that it be replaced as soon as possible.

What to do if the screen on the iPhone has already lifted?
it needs to be placed back in the housing after installing a new battery, otherwise, it will crack and fail.

Why the battery swell?
There are a lot of reasons, like a broken charger, the battery can swell even from the seemingly simple fall of the phone, a water damage on the phone or a short circuit on the main board.
The battery can fail and start to swell from the wear and tear. Unfortunately, the batteries have limited usage time. Your iPhone can serve you for a long time if you pay attention to unusual symptoms in time: the battery quickly dies, The phone goes dead even there is still charge, your iPhone charges very fast, the phone is heating up or unusual battery percentage.
Feel free to contact us at Smartcell Solutions Vancouver, replacing the battery on the iPhone takes about 15-20 minutes. The price of replacing the iPhone battery in our store the lowest in Vancouver.

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