Samsung repairs

Samsung repairs

Samsung repair services in Vancouver

We offer repair services for Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge,Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 +, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Samsung Galaxy A5, Samsung Galaxy, J1, Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Note 2, Samsung Note 3, Samsung Note 4, Samsung Note 5, Samsung Note 8

Samsung Glass, touch, screen, LCD, digitizer repair/replacement

Screen replacement is needed if your Samsung phone has broken or cracked glass, unresponsive or glitchy touch, black dots or lines like ink spill over you LCD screen.

Cheap samsung screen lcd digitizer glass repair replacement Vancouver

Samsung back glass/cover replacement

Back glass or back cover replacement is required if your Samsung phone back glass is broken, cracked or chipped.

Cheap samsung back cover glass replacement Vancouver

Samsung battery replacement/change

New battery is needed if your Samsung battery won’t hold the charge, randomly turns off even your battery shows it has sufficient power. The phone doesn`t turn on at all or the battery is expanded/swollen.

Cheap samsung battery replacement Vancouver

Samsung charging port repair/replacement

Charging port replacement is needed in case your Samsung phone is not charging at all, charges intermittently often requiring to jiggle the charging cord in a certain position for the phone to start charging or it shows it`s charging but the battery never goes up in charge,  the phone is not recognized by the computer when plugged in.

Cheap samsung charge port dock repair Vancouver

Samsung back camera repair/replacement

If your pictures are blurry, not opening the camera at all, out of focus or pictures with dark dust like spots your Samsung phone will need its back camera replaced.

Cehap samsung back camera repair Vancouver

Samsung top earpiece speaker repair/replacement

If you have a crackling or buzzing sound coming from your ear speaker while talking to someone on the phone, you can barely or not at all hear the other person, your Samsung phone will need a new earpiece speaker.

Cheap samsung earpiece speaker repair Vancouver

Samsung front or selfie camera repair/replacement

If your Samsung phone pictures are blurry, the camera won`t start at all, out of focus or pictures with dark dust like spots your phone will need its front camera replaced.

Cheap samsung front camera repair Vancouver

Samsung lock/power button repair/replacement

If you can’t turn on/off your Samsung phone but you can see it charging you will need the power/lock button repaired. This repair is also needed when the lock button is working intermittently, is stuck or you can`t feel the click (soft click).

Cheap samsung lock power button repair Vancouver

Samsung headphone jack repair/replacement

Headphone jack replacement is needed if your Samsung phone can`t recognize the headphones when plugged in. If only one headphone is working or your earphones microphone is not working.

samsung headphone jack repair Vancouver

Samsung loudspeaker repair/replacement

Replacing a Samsung phone loudspeaker is required if you are not able to hear the phone while someone is ringing, no alarm or music sound, crackling ringing sound or if you can hear the person over the ear speaker but not over the loudspeaker.

Cheap samsung loud speaker repair Vancouver

Samsung microphone repair/replacement

This repair is done when you are not properly heard while talking on your Samsung phone or you can`t be heard at all.

Cheap samsung microphone repair Vancouver

Samsung volume buttons repair/replacement

This repair is needed your Samsung phone volume buttons or one of them are not responding at all, work intermittently, are stuck or you can`t feel the click (soft click).

Cheap samsung volume buttons repair Vancouver

Samsung home button repair/replacement

You will need your Samsung phone home button repaired if it`s not responding at all, works intermittently, is stuck or you can`t feel the click (soft click).

Cheap samsung home button repair Vancouver

Samsung water damage repair

Water damage cleaning procedure is required if your Samsung phone has been exposed to water, moisture or any other liquid.

Cheap samsung water damage repair Vancouver
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